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Manna for our Malices

After dying unexpectedly, Akagi Ai becomes unstuck in time in a town full of secrets. · By enkiv2


Recent updates

Game complete
It's finally done! I may tweak or add some content in response to player reviews, but at long last, the game is finished. In early February, I plan to set the p...
1 file — alpha
MfoM is now story-complete
All art assets & all plot-relevant scenes are now complete. I will be filling in the remaining missing scenes during the next few days, after which I will decla...
1 file — alpha
Android builds disabled; replacement character art and more backgrounds
Android builds on my machine have broken, and android builds had previously had some strange problems, so I have disabled them for now. When I have more time, I...
1 file — alpha
Now uploading android builds
The android builds seem to mostly work, though I'll need to playtest them further to make sure nothing important has broken.
3 files
Replacement background images
I've begun replacing my placeholder background images with new ones by Cryptovexillologist.
1 file
Journal/notes system
In this build, I've introduced a 'notes' section in both the 'main' and 'quick' menus, containing all of the plot-relevant information Ai knows. I've closed off...
1 file
Changes to core story
This update contains some changes to core story -- specifically, variations on the monologue and dialogue based on flags. The next few updates should contain mo...
1 file
Moved repo
The current source repo is at I'm split on whether to keep the repo up to date once the game is 'finished' & salea...
1 file

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